2021-02-16 Talking You.i TV Tech with CTOs Stuart Russell & Andrew Emmons

CapCHI February 2021 event image... Join us for a very special evening on Tuesday February 16th, 2021 at 6:00pm with You.i TV CTOs Stuart Russell and Andrew Emmons for an inside look at You.i Engine One, the technology behind the Kanata company's recent acquisition by WarnerMedia.

Join us for a very special evening with You.i TV CTOs Stuart Russell and Andrew Emmons for an inside look at You.i Engine One, the technology behind the Kanata company’s recent acquisition by WarnerMedia.       

As per WarnerMedia, “The You.i platform will enhance the HBO Max technology stack, increase developer efficiency and accelerate delivery as we bring HBO Max to consumer devices all around the world”. 

More about You.i TV and their recent acquisition:

WarnerMedia Acquires You.i TV


WarnerMedia completes acquisition of Kanata’s You.i TV


Our Guests

Stuart Russell, Co-Founder, CTO Embedded


Co-founder of You.i TV and the creator of the technology on which the company is based. An expert in optimized computer rendering algorithms and physics – more than just a software engineer or designer, but a Software Innovator. An inventor of patented software technology for performance and expanding capabilities on low level hardware. With over 20 years of low level coding experience on an incomparable variety of platforms, Stuart has pushed the envelope of performance and user experience on mobile devices. His list of accomplishments includes creating You.i TV’s You.i Engine technology, founding and growing Russoft, and developing iZoom, Pocket Commodore 64, Pocket VCS, Pocket O2, Pocket Coleco, NESCE2, and multiple other titles. 

Andrew Emmons, CTO Solutions


As part of the founding team for You.i TV, Andrew has been leading product development of a cross-platform framework used to power some of the most well-known brands in the world including the NFL, NBA, Disney, National Geographic, Amazon, Turner, Fox and Sky. He has extensive experience leading and developing open source specifications – specifically was co-chair on the W3C working group for SVG, liaison for the SVG/HTML5 working group, and liaison for the Khronos OpenVG specification to SVG. He also led the development of a mobile SVG player that was eventually shipped on more than 500 million phones around the world.


Your Hosts

Sercan Kum


Jed Looker



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