2022-11-15 By Design: Organization and Transformation in Context

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At our November event design practitioner Noah Fang shares his exploration at the intersection of design thinking and organizational transformation. In his talk he will discuss themes related to the next bigger context; design in organizations; expertise under siege; transformation by design; leadership by design; and activism by design.

Noah Fang is a design practitioner and public servant. His current role is senior advisor on business transformation. His past roles include business strategist, documentary writer, creative director, user-experience manager, experience designer, product manager, editor, graphic designer, software engineer, and more. He is the co-author of Prescriptive Analytics: A Short Introduction to Counterintuitive Intelligence and The Transformable Enterprise: Enterprise Architecture in a New Key, and has translated three other books on design and interactive storytelling. He studied computer science at university and was drawn to the broader field of design over the decades. He lives with his family in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

To learn more about Noah’s work see: https://kingofark.com


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