About CapCHI

HCI in the National Capital of Canada

Founded in 1991, CapCHI’s goal is to bring together local professionals interested in how humans and computers interact, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. CapCHI is a social and professional society of people who work as UX/UI designers, researchers, educators, software developers, web designers, graphic designers and human factors engineers in the National Capital Region in and around Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

What we do at CapCHI

The Chapter holds evening meetings typically once a month (except during the summer). Each meeting includes a presentation from an invited speaker on a topic of interest related to Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Afterwards, there is an informal ‘networking’ session with refreshments. We are continually looking for ways to increase the range of professional and social activities which we provide, such as workshops and tutorials –please let us know what you want!

How can I contribute to CapCHI?

To contribute to CapCHI, you could join the Executive, help maintain the website or be a speaker on some work or research you would like to share. CapCHI exists for people like you. It is run by volunteers. If you have ideas, please contribute them. If you would like to take part in running the chapter, we are a friendly group and always welcome new members to help with the organization. Our aim is to have enough volunteers so that no one person has to take on too much work. So even if you can only spare a couple of hours each month, we welcome your help.


CapCHI is a local chapter of ACM SIGCHI. (Our Bylaws) SIGCHI offers conferences, publications and informal access to a wide range of individuals and organizations involved in HCI. The main highlight of the SIGCHI year is the annual CHI conference, which provides tutorials, workshops, technical presentations, videos, demonstrations and much more. For more information, visit the SIGCHI Web page: http://www.acm.org/sigchi/.

Here is an early profile on Ottawa chapter in the ACM SIGCHI Local SIGs publication (1996). 

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