Bylaws of the Ottawa Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer & Human Interaction.

Article I – Name and Scope

  1. This organization shall be called the Ottawa Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer & Human Interaction, also known as the Ottawa ACM SIGCHI. In these bylaws it will be referred to as “the Local” and the Association for Computing Machinery will be referred to as “ACM”.
  2. The technical scope of the Local is Computer & Human Interaction.
  3. The Local will support activities complementary to ACM SIGCHI, the ACM, and other ACM activities in the Ottawa area.

Article II – Purpose

  1. *The Local is organized and will be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes.* Specific objectives are:
    1. To promote an increased knowledge of and greater interest in the science, design, development, and applications of modern computing in Computer and Human Interaction.
    2. To provide a means of communication between persons having an interest in computing.
  2. The activities of this Local will include the following:
    1. Collecting and disseminating information through a newsletter, announcements and other publications.
    2. Sponsoring meetings, conferences, symposia, discussion groups and workshops.
    3. Serving as a source of information for its members, other ACM units, and the general public.
    4. Working with other ACM units on activities such as lectures, professional development seminars and technical briefings.

Article III – Charter

  1. This Local is chartered by the ACM. It is formed and will operate under the sponsorship of the ACM, the Local Activities Board, ACM SIGCHI and the SIG Board.
  2. This Local can be dissolved by consent of its members, or by action of the Local Activities Board with the concurrence of the SIG Board.
  3. These bylaws neither supersede nor abrogate any of the provisions in the ACM Constitution and Bylaws or Policies and Procedures of the ACM that regulate SIG or chapter affairs.

Article IV – Membership

  1. Voting membership in the Local shall be open to all persons who are members of Ottawa SIGCHI. Non-voting affiliate membership in this Local may be granted to other interested persons who support its purposes.
  2. A person becomes a member of this Local by enrolling and paying any required dues.

Article V – Officers

  1. The officers of this Local shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. The officers shall take office on September 15th and serve for one year.

Article VI – Duties of Officers

  1. The Chairman is the principal officer and is responsible for leading the Local and managing its activities in accordance with the policies and procedures of the ACM. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of this Local and of its Executive Council. With the advice of the Local’s Executive Council, the Chairman shall appoint all members of committees of this Local and all Committee chairmen.
  2. The Vice Chairman shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chairman, assist the Chairman in the management of the Local, and perform other duties that may be assigned by the Chairman.
  3. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all business and Executive Council meetings of the Local. Other duties of the Secretary include:
    1. Maintaining the records of the Local.
    2. Preparation of the Local’s Activity Report and submission of this report to ACM Headquarters.
    3. Notification to ACM Headquarters of any changes in the officers of the Local.
    4. Submission of any proposed amendment to these bylaws to the Chairmen of the Local Activities Board and the ACM Constitution and Bylaws Committee for approval.
    5. Performing other duties that may be assigned by the Chairman.
  4. The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the Local. Duties of the Treasurer include:
    1. Managing the finances of the Local according to the policies and procedures of the ACM, including collecting dues and paying all bills.
    2. Keeping full and accurate accounts of receipts and expenditures of the Local.
    3. Completing and submitting the Annual Financial Report to ACM Headquarters.
    4. Performing other duties as may be assigned by the Chairman.

Article VII – Executive Council

  1. The Executive Council shall consist of the present officers of the Local, the immediate Past Chairman, and the chairmen of the Local’s standing committees.
  2. The Executive Council shall act on behalf of the members in all matters except the election of officers and the amendment of these bylaws.

Article VIII – Standing Committees

  1. The Standing Committees of the Local shall be the Program Committee, and the Membership Committee.
  2. The Program Committee shall plan and make arrangements for the technical programs of the Local’s meetings in accordance with the membership’s interests and the aims of the Local as set forth in Article II.
  3. The Membership Committee is responsible for on-going membership promotion, recruitment, and retention. The membership committee will maintain updated membership information, and will ensure that all members are informed of the Lcoal’s activities.

Article IX – Temporary Committees

  1. With the advice of the Executive Council, the Chairman may appoint such temporary committees as appropriate.
  2. A Nominating Committee, consisting of at least three members of this Local, at least two of whom shall not be members of the Executive Council, shall be appointed by the Chairman at least two months prior to the time the election is to be held.

Article X – Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be held as planned by the Program Committee. The Local will conduct at least two meetings a year for the general membership. Notice of all meetings shall be given to all members at least one week prior to any meeting.
  2. *The Local shall hold meetings only in places that are open and accessible to all members of the ACM.*
  3. The Annual Business meeting shall held at the last meeting of the program year. At this meeting, the Secretary and Treasurer each shall present a report. Also, the election of officers shall be held.

Article XI – Disbursements and Dues

  1. Disbursements from the Treasury for expenditures of the Local shall be made by the Treasurer with authorization of the Executive Council and shall be included in the minutes of its meetings.
  2. Dues shall be fixed annually by the Executive Council.

Article XII – Amendment and Election Procedures

  1. *AII proposed changes to these Local Bylaws shall have been approved by the Chairmen of the Local Activities Board and the ACM Constitution and Bylaws Committee before being presented to the Local membership for a vote.*
  2. Amendment of these bylaws and election of officers require a vote of a quorum of the Local’s members. A quorum of the Local shall be defined as 50 percent of the voting membership of the Local or 10 voting members, whichever is greater.
  3. A simple majority of the members present and voting shall be required to carry a motion. Officers will be elected by a plurality of votes cast. If the election is conducted by mail ballot, sufficient ballots must be returned to have constituted a quorum.

Article XIII – Dissolution of the Local

  1. Dissolution of this Local by consent of the members shall consist of unanimous agreement of all its officers together with a majority vote at a meeting which has been publicized in advance to all members of the Local for the purpose of taking this vote.
  2. * Should this Local be dissolved, its assets and liabilities shall be transferred to ACM and shall be supervised by the Local Activities Board.*