2024-04-16 Applying Neurovine™ EEG Technology to Improve Health Outcomes After Head Trauma

Hosted by CapCHI and Hala Hawa.

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Dr. Ashleigh Kennedy (Co-Founder and CEO) from Neurovine join Diana McGlinchey, MSc from the Victimology Research Centre at Algonquin College to discuss how Neurovine’s proprietary EEG headband and app are being used to improve outcomes for people who have experienced head trauma.

The team at Neurovine has worked with leading experts in the MedTech space, conducted trials in the Digital Health program at the Bruyère Research Institute, and worked with individuals diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome and other injuries to refine the technology.

Learn more about Neurovine: https://www.neurovine.ai

DATE TIME: Tuesday April 16, 2024, 6:00-8:00 pm.

LOCATION: In-Person Event at Mulligans Golf Bar at 201 Queen St, Ottawa, Ottawa, ON K1P 5C9, 2nd Floor.

REGISTRATION: (Free!) https://www.meetup.com/capchi/photos/34474544/

2023-04-18 Co-designing a Future of Hybrid Intelligence

Hosted by CapCHICapCHI April 2023 event image

AI is transforming the world. When we see a hybrid of intelligence, that is, human intelligence and AI, co-existing in our daily work and lives, should we be more excited or concerned? How do we mitigate the negative aspects of embracing AI and what type of control can we apply? Taking a forward-thinking approach, this talk aims to explore future directions in this new era and broaden the horizon of humans when working with machines.

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2022-04-19 Application of Human-Centred Design to Humanitarian Challenges

Hosted by CapCHI

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On 3 August 2014, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, attacked the Sinjar district of Iraq. This district has historically been the home ground of Yezidi. The attack marked the beginning of a genocidal campaign of brutal violence directed against the Yezidi, with the aim to eliminate them and their culture. Many Yezidis fled their homes to the safety of refugee camps from which they applied for refuge in many different countries. Alan Frank, applied his knowledge of Human-Centred Design in the execution of two different projects to support the Yezidis in their new homes.

  • Alan addressed, as a volunteer with Project Abraham ( Project Abraham – Home ), some of the financial and literacy challenges faced by the Yezidis relocated to Canada. The project explored the use of Bliss Board Technology to support daily activities such as food shopping.
  • As the Senior Analyst to the Yazidi Legal Network ( Yazidi Legal Network ), Alan worked with the Senior Legal Advisor to design a knowledge base and analysis procedures to support the multiple goals of the Yazidi Legal Network.

Join us for an exploration of non-traditional applications of Human-Centred Design. Both projects are “works in progress” and there will be plenty of time for questions and any ideas would be appreciated.

Please note: The War Crimes committed by ISIS against the Yezidis are extremely violent. While this talk will not focus on the specifics of these events, the knowledge base includes issues such as rape and kidnapping. We routinely mention this because the material can trigger Secondary Post Traumatic Syndrome in vulnerable individuals.

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2021-04-20 Designing and Building Canada’s COVID-19 Exposure Notification Service

CapCHI April 2021 event image

Join Courtney Claessens (Senior Product Manager) and Brian Hendrick (Lead Service Designer and Product Manager) from the COVID Alert team, as they share the guiding principles that went into designing and building the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 exposure notification service.

Using principles such as accessibility and trust, Courtney and Brian will discuss how three multidisciplinary teams built a multi-region service in 45 days that helps alert users if they may have been exposed to COVID-19 before they are showing symptoms, allowing them to take action and help slow the spread of the virus. They’ll also share details on how they continue to iterate on and improve the service.

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2020-04-07 Ethics in UX (Online)

Ethics in UX event banner
We are excited to announce this event has been rescheduled online!

You are invited to a panel discussion on ethics in user-experience research and design. Professionals from government, not-for-profit, academic, and private sectors have been invited to discuss ethics from their perspective. Following these short talks, we will break out into virtual rooms to discuss specific themes in smaller groups. Afterwards, we will return to the main room to for a moderated discussion, when we will open the floor to everyone.

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