2023-12-19 Building accessibility into the engagement and the recruitment process (ONLINE EVENT)

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Join us for a remote lunch and learn!

In the UX and Research community, when we think of product or service design, we often consider accessibility best practices from the standpoint of the deliverable. This is important, but is it enough? Do we need to step back and examine the process of engaging with people to understand their experiences and needs?

The upcoming panel discussion will support us in considering accessibility from the perspective of engagement. How do we engage people so that the engagement process is accessible, particularly when working with people who have been historically excluded or who face systemic barriers, including but not limited to people who are differently-abled?

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2022-10-18 UX of Historical Data with Library and Archives Canada

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This time at CapCHI, the Digital Access Agile Team from Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will introduce us to their newly developed census access tool Census Search. Census Search unifies all 17 separate historical Census databases currently available on the LAC website and makes them accessible to the public via one searchable interface. Our guests will discuss the many challenges the team has faced during the development and design process of Census Search’s interface and database and share the many valuable insights they uncovered along the way.

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2022-09-20 Rethinking Social Data with Dr. Kenton White

Hosted by CapCHI

10 years ago Social Media broke into the mainstream. Facebook, Twitter and Reddit promised an unfiltered view into our collective consciousness. Today influencers and bots actively game the system, skewing perception towards their agendas. There are still insights that can be mined from Social Data, but with ever increasing effort. At Advanced Symbolics we developed a tool called askpolly that rethinks Social Data from the ground up, making finding those insights effortless. I’ll discuss every aspect of Social Data we considered in askpolly’s development and how at every step we defined the user experience and tackled tough technological challenges.

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2022-05-17 Beyond The Borders: Healthcare Technologies for Sensitive Communities

Hosted by CapCHI

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Providing equitable access to healthcare services imposes a diverse set of challenges, especially when the target population faces limited geographical accessibility, literacy, and socio-economical barriers. A plausible way forward to improve healthcare in the Global South countries is by promoting the development and use of digital technologies. New approaches such as Human-Computer Interaction for Development (HCI4D), have highlighted the need for a deepest human-centred design approach toward localized digital solutions that properly work in a resource-constrained context.

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2022-04-19 Application of Human-Centred Design to Humanitarian Challenges

Hosted by CapCHI

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On 3 August 2014, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, attacked the Sinjar district of Iraq. This district has historically been the home ground of Yezidi. The attack marked the beginning of a genocidal campaign of brutal violence directed against the Yezidi, with the aim to eliminate them and their culture. Many Yezidis fled their homes to the safety of refugee camps from which they applied for refuge in many different countries. Alan Frank, applied his knowledge of Human-Centred Design in the execution of two different projects to support the Yezidis in their new homes.

  • Alan addressed, as a volunteer with Project Abraham ( Project Abraham – Home ), some of the financial and literacy challenges faced by the Yezidis relocated to Canada. The project explored the use of Bliss Board Technology to support daily activities such as food shopping.
  • As the Senior Analyst to the Yazidi Legal Network ( Yazidi Legal Network ), Alan worked with the Senior Legal Advisor to design a knowledge base and analysis procedures to support the multiple goals of the Yazidi Legal Network.

Join us for an exploration of non-traditional applications of Human-Centred Design. Both projects are “works in progress” and there will be plenty of time for questions and any ideas would be appreciated.

Please note: The War Crimes committed by ISIS against the Yezidis are extremely violent. While this talk will not focus on the specifics of these events, the knowledge base includes issues such as rape and kidnapping. We routinely mention this because the material can trigger Secondary Post Traumatic Syndrome in vulnerable individuals.

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