2023-12-19 Building accessibility into the engagement and the recruitment process (ONLINE EVENT)

Hosted by CapCHICapCHI December 2023 event image

Join us for a remote lunch and learn!

In the UX and Research community, when we think of product or service design, we often consider accessibility best practices from the standpoint of the deliverable. This is important, but is it enough? Do we need to step back and examine the process of engaging with people to understand their experiences and needs?

The upcoming panel discussion will support us in considering accessibility from the perspective of engagement. How do we engage people so that the engagement process is accessible, particularly when working with people who have been historically excluded or who face systemic barriers, including but not limited to people who are differently-abled?

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2022-05-17 Beyond The Borders: Healthcare Technologies for Sensitive Communities

Hosted by CapCHI

CapCHI May 2022 event image

Providing equitable access to healthcare services imposes a diverse set of challenges, especially when the target population faces limited geographical accessibility, literacy, and socio-economical barriers. A plausible way forward to improve healthcare in the Global South countries is by promoting the development and use of digital technologies. New approaches such as Human-Computer Interaction for Development (HCI4D), have highlighted the need for a deepest human-centred design approach toward localized digital solutions that properly work in a resource-constrained context.

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2022-04-19 Application of Human-Centred Design to Humanitarian Challenges

Hosted by CapCHI

CapCHI April 2022 event image

On 3 August 2014, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, attacked the Sinjar district of Iraq. This district has historically been the home ground of Yezidi. The attack marked the beginning of a genocidal campaign of brutal violence directed against the Yezidi, with the aim to eliminate them and their culture. Many Yezidis fled their homes to the safety of refugee camps from which they applied for refuge in many different countries. Alan Frank, applied his knowledge of Human-Centred Design in the execution of two different projects to support the Yezidis in their new homes.

  • Alan addressed, as a volunteer with Project Abraham ( Project Abraham – Home ), some of the financial and literacy challenges faced by the Yezidis relocated to Canada. The project explored the use of Bliss Board Technology to support daily activities such as food shopping.
  • As the Senior Analyst to the Yazidi Legal Network ( Yazidi Legal Network ), Alan worked with the Senior Legal Advisor to design a knowledge base and analysis procedures to support the multiple goals of the Yazidi Legal Network.

Join us for an exploration of non-traditional applications of Human-Centred Design. Both projects are “works in progress” and there will be plenty of time for questions and any ideas would be appreciated.

Please note: The War Crimes committed by ISIS against the Yezidis are extremely violent. While this talk will not focus on the specifics of these events, the knowledge base includes issues such as rape and kidnapping. We routinely mention this because the material can trigger Secondary Post Traumatic Syndrome in vulnerable individuals.

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2022-03-15 Ethics in Product Creation with Roxana-Maria Barbu & Jennifer Fraser

Hosted by Anna and CapCHI

CapCHI March 2022 event image

Ethics in design and research are essential building blocks of product development. Join Roxana-Maria Barbu PhD, and Jennifer Frasierto discuss ethics in product creation. Ethical practices are fundamental to creating trust in products and their brand. Listen as they go through the ethical principles ensuring the well-being of those involved, including users, designers, researchers, engineers, and product owners.

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2022-02-15 Ingenium and Digital: A New Path Forward

Hosted by Anna and CapCHI

CapCHI February 2022 event image

Websites, games and apps, and museum floor interactives are just a few of the areas that the digital team at Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation – explore on a daily basis. Join Ryan Dodge and Lauren DiVito as they discuss the corporate shift that is currently happening at their museums, some of the hurdles they’re working to overcome, and a special look at the new Digital Innovation Lab, a space for collaborating on innovative, creative digital projects!

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2021-12-21 Exercising Your UX Superpower with Shaun Illingworth

Hosted by Hala and CapCHI

CapCHI December 2021 event image

Most private and public sector organizations struggle to embrace digital transformation beyond the fundamental operational level. Innovation requires creativity, insight, systems thinking, an experimental mindset and courage. User experience researchers and designers are arguably the best equipped to explore and define the future, but very few are engaged in the challenge of innovation, next generation thinking and visioning.

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2021-11-16 Chasing Squirrels & Herding Kittens: Accessible Service Design in Government

Hosted by Jed Looker and CapCHI

CapCHI November 2021 event image

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) set out to improve services for people with disabilities through human-centred design with an Accessibility Design Challenge.

When we asked our clients about their experiences, we expected to hear about barriers with service touch points. But they told us so much more. Between policy, the built environment, websites and call centres, and with competing internal interests and a desire to chase shiny objects, keeping service design in scope was a challenge in itself.

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2021-10-19 We Are Cyborg – The Future of Implantable Tech with Tamara Banbury

Hosted by Anna Theus and CapCHI

CapCHI October 2021 event image

Pop culture assures us that cyborgs are inevitable but how might this cyborgian future begin? Will it be military tech that filters to public use like the internet, radar, or duct tape did? Will it be robotics tech that becomes medically effective such as motorized limb & joint prosthetics or eyeball cameras? Or will it be DIY grinders who build tech in their home workshops and jam it into their bodies just to see what happens? Would it surprise you to know that all 3 scenarios are happening all over the world today? What might the UX future look like when people have chip implants, video cam eyeballs, or neural antennae? What policies or regulations should be put in place before we all merge into the Borg?

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2021-09-21 Designing Customer Experience with Rob Smith

Hosted by Raquel Alves and CapCHI

CapCHI September 2021 event image

We’re back!

We have an exciting year lined up, and to kick it off we’ve invited Rob Smith to drop by and talk about his approach to designing customer experience for some of the biggest brands.

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Green Melon, Rob has spent the past thirty years reinventing the way brands engage and intrigue their customers. Drawing from his work with clients like Farm Boy, DC Comics, and the Royal Canadian Mint, Rob will discuss how successful brands consider a customer’s journey, from their first step into a retail space to the moment they select a product from the shelf.

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